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“We take a quantitative approach to investing. We design investment portfolios for individuals who want the most return given the amount of risk they can handle. Our work is based on Prospect Theory, that won a Nobel Prize in economics in 2002.”

Financial Planning

We benchmark your progress toward the attainment of your goals for reasons that are important to you.


Our firm helps individuals evaluate their best insurance options

Estate Planning

View us first as a team of professionals who work together to help you achieve all of your goals for reasons that are important to you.

Tax Prep & Planning

We can handle your financial statements, payroll, sales tax, bookkeeping, tax return preparation, and much more.


Maximize the probabilities of attaining one’s goals while minimizing their risk

Managing Risk

We believe the best way to ensure that our clients achieve their goals is to have our financial professionals meet and recommend client action as a team instead of individually.


What we do?


What I Do

I help people who are struggling with a significant Financial Issue that has been keeping them up at night. After our one hour session you will have a break-through of clarity and the relief that comes with having a clear path forward. A Significant Financial Issue might include anything that is dominating your thoughts, such as,

  •  A major purchase
  •  Divorce
  •  College Funding
  •  Spouses not on “the same page” with financial issues
  •  Purchase or sale of a home
  •  Ability to make working optional
  •  Buying or selling a business
  •  Issues related to an inheritance or estate plan
  •  Considering an offer from your employer
  •  Being sued, or filing a lawsuit
  • Any significant financial Issue

Who I work with

Individuals & couples who have a Significant financial Issue that has long-term financial consequences. I often sit down with affluent individuals who have been wrestling with an issue that’s complex or even hard to describe.


Why it works

We focus on the big picture and your highest priorities first. Our session clarifies, prioritizes, and simplifies even the most complex situations, which is why many choose to sit down with me just before meeting with other Financial Advisors.


What makes me different

I’m the only person in town who specializes in helping individuals and couples work through a difficult, complex, or significant financial Issue. My process is brief, focused, and positive. Most people find it enjoyable. Seldom is more than a single 1-hour session necessary to achieve a significant breakthrough of clarity.


How it works

The process is simple.

  •  Book a 1-hour appointment with me [770-493-7578]
  •  Gather all your financial documents
  •  Come in for our session

… leave my office after 1-hour with a significant breakthrough and clarity regarding the “next steps” and confidence about the direction you want to take.


Why we do what we do?

Our fee-based team of professionals works together to take care of each of our Ideal Client’s financial needs…everything from preparing their financial plan and updating their plan annually for any changes that occur, to designing their asset allocation models, to hiring and overseeing their money managers, to working with their CPA to minimize their taxes, to working with Estate Planning attorneys to create their estate plan, to designing their charitable giving plan, to planning for financing their student’s college and to helping them determine what insurance they need, how much they need and what is the right kind and type of insurance for them.  By having a coordinating team of fee based professionals that works together, that follows a checklist of 143 items, that they review each year for each Ideal Client, we increase our Ideal Client’s probability of being financial successful and living financially stress free.

By the way, by doing these things for our clients, we also free up a lot of time they would have spent doing these things themselves.  We then encourage our Ideal Clients to use this newly discovered time to design and live their Ideal Lives.  

So what does your Ideal Life look like?  Who are you with?  What are you doing?  Where are you?   What does your Ideal Life sound like?  What does it feel like?  And what does it look like?  This is the place we want our Ideal Clients focusing their time and energy on, while we take care of all of the distractions that can be delegated to our Deliverables Team.

Don’t worry, we give our Ideal Clients a short action list of items they are to handle and we meet with them three times a year to review everything we are recommending they do so they fully understand their entire financial picture.  We are just a phone call away if they have any questions or concerns.

And that is what we do!

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