The Risk Number® is an objective, quantitative measurement of an investor’s true risk tolerance and the risk in a portfolio.
We benchmark your progress toward the attainment of your goals for reasons that are important to you.
We run computer models to determine your asset allocation based on your risk profile.

What is your risk number?

Tens of thousands of advisors have found it to be a far more efficient way to discuss risk and communicate the potential downside a client is comfortable with over a six-month period. Thanks to the Risk Number, subjective stereotypes like “moderately aggressive” are a thing of the past.


What is sequence risk in investing?

The Secret To Lifetime Financial Security

Chris Morris, author of the Best Selling book The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security, shows you how to stop worrying about the next market crash and achieve the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.

What financial risks might you encounter on your road to retirement?

At CMA Wizards, we have spent several years helping retirees and pre‐retirees navigate the twists and turns of their retirement journey. Through experience, we’ve learned that most retirees will face a few, if not all, of these seven significant financial roadblocks in retirement.

Learn more about one of these roadblocks, which we also call financial risks, in the video below.

Retirement Roadblocks

Timing is Everything.

Sequence of Returns Risk: Watch & see how a few years could cost you over a million dollars.

This is just one of the 7 financial risks you may face in retirement.

The good news is that the sooner you are aware of these potential risks, the sooner we can help implement strategies to help avoid them.

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