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Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Our firm helps individuals look at all of the insurance you have and tells you:

  • Do you need it at all?
  • If you need it how much you should have?
  • And what is the right kind and type of insurance you need to meet your needs?

We also look at all of the insurance you do not have but need.  Our team reviews all types of insurance, including but not limited to:  Home, auto, umbrella, business, life, cross purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, disability, long-term care, health insurance and any other type of insurance you might need.

The team of insurance professionals we work with include:  business insurance agencies, individual home and auto insurance agencies, a property and casualty generalist, two life health and disability generalists, life and health wholesalers, a long-term care specialist and malpractice specialists.  It takes a team of highly ethical insurance specialists to make sure you have enough insurance to cover you in case the unexpected happens.  The team makes sure you aren’t over insured, you aren’t under insured and you aren’t paying too much for your insurance.  They are careful not to sell you insurance if you are already with a good company and have the insurance you need.