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Investments: Chris Morris and Jessica Ayers work with outside money managers to make sure your investments are allocated to optimize your overall portfolio returns. They manage the risk-return trade-off according to several Nobel Prize winning theories. Chris and Jessica follow “tactical asset allocation” models as described by Yale University’s David Swensen. The allocation models that are used are based on the work of Markowitz and Sharpe. Both men won Nobel Prizes in Economics for their asset allocation theories. Chris and Jessica assess your risk tolerance by following the Nobel Prize winning theory called Prospect Theory as developed by Kahneman and Tversky.

People Are Talking About CMA

CMA is unique because we use a team of professionals who work together to guide our clients through the world’s financial challenges. Most people must seek out and hire a Certified Financial Planner, a money manager, insurance specialists, attorneys and tax professionals separately. They then meet with them individually, extract the advice and piece that advice together themselves, in hopes to find a path that will help them achieve financial success. These same people often wind up frustrated when the uncoordinated advice of professionals who don’t work together, doesn’t work out and their path takes a turn for the worst.

We guide our clients along the path to achieving their goals for reasons that are important to them. We bring this team together to offer comprehensive, coordinated and consolidated advice to each client. Our professionals span a wide range of financial services and include all the professions listed above and many more. We believe the best way to ensure our clients achieve their goals is to have these financial professionals work together as a team instead of individually. The team must also see our client’s future success as paramount. The better the quality of our services, the greater the probabilities our clients will be successful. The greatest reward we receive is when our clients achieve all their goals for reasons that are important to them.

Chris Morris, MBA, CFP®, PFP, RFC, CPA
Chris Morris started at a Big 8 accounting firm, went into industry where he held positions ranging from Planning Manager to Assistant Secretary and Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for several large corporations in Georgia. He was also President of two divisions of companies. He assisted in taking four companies public and merging Southland Life Insurance Company with Life of Georgia. During that time period, he also managed money for three insurance companies at Atlantic American Corporation and later managed a hedge fund. In 1990, Chris started a CPA practice, Chris Morris & Associates, PC. This comprehensive CPA practice offered accounting, audits, consulting services, computer consulting services and tax preparation services.

In 2000, Chris became licensed as a broker and later helped form CMA Financial Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. He is now the trusted advisor of his own team of professionals who help clients achieve their goals for reasons that are important to them.

Administrative Manager: Carly Wicks is the single point-of-contact for clients who have questions or needs regarding any of your deliverables. She coordinates the interactions of the deliverables team members and makes sure they handle any questions on our deliverables team checklist.

Certified Financial Planner: Jessica Morris Ayers prepares financial plans, trains clients to use eMoney and analyzes whether you are on track to achieve all of your goals for reasons that are important to you. She proactively contacts clients to tell them whether to go ahead with a planned expenditure or whether to delay the expenditure based on their current financial position. She also analyzes the impact of unexpected events on your financial health and ability to achieve your goals.

Tax Planner: Beth Morris works with your current CPA to oversee the creation of your tax projection at the end of every year. She also works with the Deliverables Team to make sure financial decisions that are made, regarding your investments or goals are made in such a way as to minimize your taxes.

Estate Planning Attorney: Robert Petmecky reviews your estate plan to make sure all the bases have been covered concerning your estate plan. He oversees the titling of accounts and trusts to make sure they are correctly titled and to make sure when needed, your instructions regarding your estate are carried out for your surviving spouse or children. His estate plans are designed to minimize or eliminate estate taxes. And he can help create or manage charitable trusts and the transfer of assets to intended charities.

Insurance: Hubert Prescod oversees the interaction of different insurance team members to make sure you have adequate home, auto and umbrella insurance. He also reviews your life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance needs and assists in recommending changes to your insurance based on your needs.

Always there for you, helping secure your financial future!